Survey on Online Learning in the Time of Pandemic

We want to hear your voice! If you want to participate, please click on the following links below: Students Survey Parents Survey Digital technology is changing the world and everything in it is changing including that of education and the way work is done. The transformation in education and work Continue Reading

Comparison of the Use of Traditional Classroom Drills and of Online Learning Materials in the Development of Mathematical Skills

David, Oliver, M. Matheda Sta. Maria, Karl Bryan, MBAb aFaculty Member, Senior High School Department, Enderun Colleges, bGeneral Education Department, and Business Administration Department, Enderun Colleges KEYWORDS Drills, online education, online learning resources, skill development, mathematical skills ABSTRACT This study quantitatively investigated the effectiveness of the use of online learning Continue Reading

Case-Based Teaching and Learning in Enhancing the Academic Performance of Students in Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction

Lemuel M. Abanto, MAEd, LPT a and Josephine E. Tondo, Ph.D., LPT b aGraduate School Student,La Consolacion University Philippines,STEM Faculty, DepEd Valenzuela-Malinta, bSTM Faculty/Graduate School Professor,Philippine Normal University-Manila KEYWORDS Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction; Case-Based Teaching and Learning; Outcome-Based Education ABSTRACT The main purpose of this study was to assess Continue Reading

Information Literacy Program for Lifelong Learning in Higher Education

Ana Mae Kristine H. Lozanta, RL. Ph.D. Head, Library and Learning Resource Center, Don Bosco Technical Institute KEYWORDS Information Literacy, Management Functions, Lifelong Learning ABSTRACT With the integration of the Internet into the teaching system, education today has rapidly evolved into cyberlearning. Consequently, several educational institutions have adopted learning management Continue Reading

Cyberlearning: The Learning Management System and the Influence of its Usage on Student Engagement

Marco C. Mandap Instructor, Western Faculty/Canvas Support Administrator, FEU High School KEYWORDS Digital platform, learning management systems, student engagement, e-learning, cyberlearning ABSTRACT With the integration of the Internet into the teaching system, education today has rapidly evolved into cyber learning. Consequently, several educational institutions have adopted learning management systems (LMS), Continue Reading

Psychological Well-Being as Correlates to Organizational Commitment: Basis for Enriched Wellness Program

Mary Kahtleen V. Lagan Instructor, Western Philippines University, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan KEYWORDS Psychological Well-being, Organizational Commitment, Wellness program ABSTRACT The study was conducted to examine the correlation of psychological well-being and organizational commitment as the basis for enriched wellness programs among 100 Social Health Workers specifically Case Workers and Continue Reading

Community Empowerment of the Manobo Tribe Through Farm-To-Market Road in Bukidnon

Jet Dela Cruza Beatrice Tanb __________________________________________ aProfessor and Head of Economics Department of Enderun Colleges; bStudent of Enderun Colleges KEYWORDS Mobility, community empowerment, Farm-to-Market road ABSTRACT This paper examines the role indicators in terms of road availability, community empowerment, and road convenience as factors, which affect the mobility of the Continue Reading

To Eat or not to Eat?: The hidden messages in “Kain Tayo”: a ritual offer to share food.

Bel S. Castro __________________________________________ Assistant Dean, College of Hospitality, Enderun Colleges KEYWORDS Food-sharing, food, culture, politeness, Filipino culture, Filipino tradition, Philippines ABSTRACT In the Philippines, the routine polite offer to share food, “Kain Tayo!”(Let’s eat!) is typically met with a polite refusal, which may or may not be followed with Continue Reading