Bleisure: A quantitative study on the destination as a factor in attending MICE events

Bernabe, Cynthia R.,a
Isabel Beatriz Tagle b,
Anael Amores c
Hazel Francisco d,
Myrrel Winter e
aFaculty, Enderun Colleges, bcdefStudents, Enderun Colleges


Bleisure, MICE, events, business, leisure, attendees


Bleisure is the act of mixing business travel with leisure or vacation time.
With the rise of bleisure, this research aimed to study if a destination is a
significant consideration for attendance to a MICE event. Moreover, this
research answered the question of what are the other factors that would most
affect the attendee‘s decision to come to the event. The study employed the
quantitative research method and conducted an online survey to the
participants holding a supervisory level in a business company that has
attended MICE events. The study revealed that 70.1% of the respondents agree
that a destination affects their desire to attend an event. The results also showed
that the primary factor that affects an attendee‘s decision to come to an event is
the speaker, followed by the destination, the cost/budget, and their schedule.
Based on this current study, we recommend to MICE organizers to plan events
that would align with the desires of bleisure travelers and to the factors that
influence their decision-making to come to an event.

Enderun Colleges Scholarly Review, Volume 3, Issue 1.



Category: Business , Entrepreneurship , Hotel Management , Tourism