Community Empowerment of the Manobo Tribe Through Farm-To-Market Road in Bukidnon

Jet Dela Cruza
Beatrice Tanb
aProfessor and Head of Economics Department of Enderun Colleges; bStudent of Enderun Colleges


Mobility, community empowerment, Farm-to-Market road


This paper examines the role indicators in terms of road availability, community empowerment, and road convenience as factors, which affect the mobility of the Manobo community in Bukidnon. Using the data gathered from 35 respondents in the Municipality of San Fernando in Bukidnon, this study shows the lack of Farm-to-Market road negatively affect the performance of the Manobo tribe in accessing the urban markets for income. On the other hand, the marketing of indigenous handicraft as a tangible expression of the Manobo's culture has been compromised due to its declining economic value, thus, the indigenous community is starting to lose motivation to create more output. Overall, this study demonstrates the relationship between the lack of Farm-to-Market Road to the mobility and community empowerment of the Manobo tribe.

Enderun Colleges Scholarly Review, Volume 2, Issue 1.


Category: Business , Entrepreneurship , Gen. Ed. , Sustainability , Tourism